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So today I woke up at 5:45 and drove to training which started at 6:00. Training was actually OK today, we did a few backstroke sets and technique stuff. Ater that I went to school -.- Well, as you can imagine it was not that great...but my friends and me made the best of it and joked around all day :D The second training today was veeery hard. My muscles are still hurting. But I enjoyed it and I know I need it, because we have a big swim meet this weekend! Soooo exited :3 And now the "event" that made my day: I have this little (ok it's actually really big) crush on thus guy on my swim team. He's just soooo cute <3 Today after the second practise I was blowing my hair dry as I saw him coming up to me. He has worn his cute beanie and smiled at me as he said:"Mind if we text later?" Asffshdhhfndjfbdh!!! I quickliy smiled and nodded. I'm texting him right now but NO I won't post this here I have to go to sleep soon, tomorrow I have morning practise... Good Night!
2.5.13 20:47


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