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Sooooo Today and yesterday were great days Training was hard but good and I'm feeling ready for the meet tomorrow. So exited. It's a team- competition and right now our team is on the 2nd place with good chances to become the first! GO TEAM I'm so in love! Yes, I am :D Since we texted the first time, we text almost after every training (which is quite a lot when you have training twice a day ) He is just the sweetest guy on this planet. We worked on our kicks last training and did a lot of kick- sets. We were told to go together in pairs and my crush yelled: "Paula! I'm in a pair with Paula!" Cuteeee :D So we swam next to eachother the whole set which was 1 hour. We talked an laughed so much After the set my crush smiled at me very long and said: "We're a great team!" I laughed and then he did the most beautiful thing of this day: He smiled his bright and adorable smile, then he splashed water in my face with a loud laughter. I was about to splash him too but he cut me of with a tight and warm hug. Awwwww it was just so great! His hugs are really the best Going to watch football now Wish us luck tomorrow!!! Bye <3
4.5.13 20:08


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