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C.o.m.p.e.t.i.t.i.o.n!!! Was soooo cool! We're now on the first place!! Let's see if we can hold it through the final which is in september! My times were good today and I felt great in the water I love swimming....just saying ) Me and my crush were spending almost the whole meet together: We warmed up togehter, we stretched togehter and in the breaks between our races we talked and laughed a lot. I sat on his lap and he cuddled me after we knew that our team will be on the lead. And his body...woah! I know I see him everyday half- naked (that's another reason why swimming is the best sport :D) but I was so shocked as I saw his abs when he climbed out of the water... Wow! I love him!! So tomorrow we haven't got morning practise! Yeey but we have practise in the evenining...can't wait to see HIM! Just want to say that I love my team so much. I have this bond with them it's unbeliveble how I love them. Every single one of them! I'm so glad to be in this team with this awesome people! Love u :*
5.5.13 20:08


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